I’m a Democrat, despite not yet being a citizen. I’m also far from radical. But perhaps not as far from radical as I might once have been. And the last paragraph of this hits hard for me.

In Our Words

by: Raechel T. 

Last year—(probably right around the same time of the now widely-distributed Time magazine workout photo shoot)—Vice Presidential Republican candidate Paul Ryan told an interviewer for the conservative news site Human Events that, “we should not shy away from class warfare.”

During their discussion, the interviewer stated that the Democrat’s agenda is to “shake down the rich,” and asked Ryan if Republicans “are doing a successful job making the moral case for capitalism.”  “Not enough,” Ryan responded, then continued:

“We should not shy away from class warfare. We should take this head on, which is, the president is preying on the emotions of fear, envy and resentment, and he’s speaking to people in America as if they’re fixed in some class. That’s the European model. That’s the model our ancestors left to come create an opportunity society, equality of opportunity, equal protection of the law —…

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About skiffybroad

Canadian, now living in the American midwest. Glasses, grey hair, once liberal, now trending further left on most things, but often reticent about being impolite. Could be the Canadian upbringing; certainly throws a spanner in my would-be politically radical works. Lover of all things skiffical - science fiction, fantasy, speculative this and that, genre television and films, the cult of the geek. And, of course, proud denizen of the gorgeously byzantine interpersonal social world that is the fannish subculture, from 1930s-era fandom to single-show or single-author online fandom. I like learning the languages in my world, using them, making friends with them, and - occasionally - trying to explain them (and the rest of my world) to folks outside its borders. Oh, I'm also a writer, or I hadn't I mentioned that? Married, one child now grown. Husband and son are both fen (look it up, youngsters.) Lover of jazz and rock and roll. Lover of democracy. The rest is subject to change without notice, except that I usually telegraph my punches.
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